Beelzebub Manga (恶魔奶爸, べるぜバブ) By Tamura Ryuhei

This is the manga I am following right now. Genre of this manga is action, comedy, martial art, school life and supernatural. By the way, this manga is not about ordinary school life. It’s about a strong, ruthless delinquent’s school life. But I don’t think they have much teaching in Ishiyama. All of them are delinquents who fight all day. I haven’t seen any teachers teach in that school except a head master who is mistaken for school garden caretaker. And here is our main character, a delinquent called Oga Tatsumi. Other delinquents nicknamed him “Ogre”, “Demon” or whatsoever. This is because he is really strong. He beats every other delinquent up easily and mercilessly. 

Unfortunately for Oga, he picked up a son of the Great Demon King. The baby chooses him as his father in the human world. Oga needs to raise the baby until he is in age to destroy mankind. Therefore, Oga need to find someone who is stronger and evil than him to get rid of the baby. The baby is not like any ordinary baby. Baby Beel (the Great Demon King’s son), likes extraordinary things. For example, the more evil you are, the more Baby Beel likes you. No wonder Baby Beel attached to Oga like Kola Bear. Just get use to Baby Beel who doesn’t wear any clothes. Baby Beel is just like Pikachu who electrify Oga every time he is upset or Oga is more than 15m away from him. That must be hurt. It’s funny at the same time too.

As a result, Oga fought and defeated all of the delinquent leaders of Ishiyama. Of course, there’s no one stronger than him in Ishiyama. And Ishiyama destroyed in the process. Oga and other delinquents are transferred to Saint Ishiyama Academy. That school’s students don’t like them at all and always look for trouble with them. Because they know those delinquents will get expelled if they did anything against them. Somehow, the attitude of Saint Ishiyama students pissed me off. Since I am a biased for Oga and other delinquents, I hate to see them being “bullied” by those act-all-mighty six Horsemen. Luckily, after some incidents, Saint Ishiyama changes their attitude toward Oga and other delinquents. What a relief, if not, I am sure to start to yell at the top of my voice. *I know it’s useless.*

Anyway, I almost die of laughter every time I read Beelzebub. Maybe my laughing point is too low, I guess. Seriously, this manga is good for me to relax. There’s no pressure to read Beelzebub and I don’t need to worry for anyone. I mean, no people dies in this manga even though some of them fall from a high building and get their heads stuck on wall and ceiling. That will just give a comical effect. My parents think I am crazy laughing alone while my eyes glued to laptop screen. I started to read Beelzebub Manga after I watch the anime. On the first look, Beelzebub’s art is not really my cup of tea. But, hey, after a few chapters, I get used to it and Beelzebub just becomes one of my favorite.  

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