Zennou no Noa (全能のノア The Almighty Noa) Manga by Ono Yoichiro

Genre: Sci-Fic, Genius, Shounen

I am telling you, I TOTALLY LOVE THIS MANGA. The story plot is more fast and exciting than Ga-Rei. I am having the time of my life to read it. I fall in love with the Ikurumi Nao character. He reminds me of Yagami Light (Death Note) and Lelouch vi Britannia(Code Geass). All three of them are genius in plotting and masterminds of something BIG. 

The manga is set in the year 2038 where one million of Japanese citizen lost their memories when a white light descended from the skies. There is no cure for those people who lost all of their memories. Ikurumi Nao (18 years old) is one of them. Those affected people are being put in an underground city beneath Tokyo and the victims are called “KIDz”. All of them are being re-taught about everything they once learned. Noa stayed there for two years with Fuku and Sachi and a cute super robot cat called ELU*At least that’s what I think*. He dreamed to go onto the world again. When he is being held hostage by a terrorist, his past is slowly being revealed. But it’s more shocking as the story process. Ikurumi Noa’s character changes so dramatic and drastic. My mind is almost being blown away*Joking*. 

Ikurumi Noa seems like a victim of memory loss just like anyone else in the underground city*He is not, you get what I mean?*. Kisaragi Himiko is a lover of Noa before he lost his memory and she went down to the city to search for Noa. As Kisaragi Himiko knows more about the “new” Noa, she discovered many things about KIDz’s life or rather, Noa’s life. Himiko helped Noa in his plan of helping KIDz back to the surface.  Of course, with Noa as a genius here, there are always having people with the abilities to interfering with Noa’s plan. 

We able to see the fierce battle between Noa and the ADULT (Those who didn’t lost memory.). I just love to read manga with genius as the main protagonist. However, I am not satisfied with the rush ending. It seems like the author wants to end the story quickly and left it hanging. Oh, it’s such a good plot! Why waste it? Anyway, I make a guess that maybe the author wants us to use our imagination a bit on the ending. I like the art of the manga very much. It’s really pretty and clean. Ikurumi Noa is an amazing character, same goes with the manga. You must read it, I strongly recommend it.

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Hmm. Seems kind of interesting. I might just check it out!

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