Ga-Rei 喰霊 (The Enchained Spiritual Beast Ga-Rei)Manga by Segawa Hajime (瀬川 はじめ)

Genre: Supernatural, Demons, Action, Comedy, Martial Art

I have to say that I love this manga. Ga-Rei is one of the best manga I have read after wondering aimlessly in the huge sea of manga for weeks. Ga-Rei is actually an ancient beast who devours spirits. It is called Byakuei. Tsuchimiya Kagura (土宮 ) nicknamed it “Shiro”.  Tsuchimiya Kagura inherited the white beast from her father who is an exorcist. An ordinary school boy met Kagura accidentally, or I would say, fatefully. His name is Nimura Kensuke (弐村 剣輔,). He is not totally normal because he can see ghosts and spirits. The ability of his causes difficulties in his daily life. For example, his date with his first ever girlfriend ended after he acted weird because of seeing one ghost beside her. So, Kensuke ended up doing “part time job” by helping Kagura clean all the spirits away. Slowly, Kensuke involved deeper and deeper with Kagura and realize he likes her. Despite the things getting dangerous and tougher, Kensuke decided to stay with Kagura and do the best to help her. Even though Kagura looks cheerful and happy most of the time, she actually has a sad history. She forced to kill Isayama Yomi (諫山 黄泉,). Yomi is someone like a sister to Kagura. Yomi turned into an evil spirit that is going to destroy Tokyo and Kagura wants to stop her. But the second death of Yomi didn’t help in restoring their life back to normal. The event is getting more exciting as the story progress. Many friends and enemy appeared in the story arc. 

For some reason, I found Kagura looks like Yuuki Kuran in Vampire Knight. However, I found Kagura cooler. She can fight very well due the fact that she is an exorcist who needs to deal with various kinds of spirits and demons. Same goes with Kensuke, Imawano Shizuru, Noriyuki Izuna and other characters. It’s very entertaining to read the manga. You can see many kinds of supernatural being like ghosts, demons, spirits and tons of action moves are involved. The art are beautiful and detailed. Is the story end after Kagura killed Yomi for the second time? Or there are someone evil planning something else? Read it and you will find the answer.

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