Gyo (ギョ, The Fish)Manga by ITOU Junji

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Tragedy, Sci-Fi

As the manga progress, the art grew more intriguing and troubling. No, It’s not about the art is bad. The uncomfortable feeling accompanied me throughout the reading. Wait till you read it and you will understand. The author sure is amazing in writing a story like this. Unfortunately, the characters failed to leave much feeling on me. Not unless you count the annoying girlfriend of the Tadashi keep on whining about how she can’t stand the horrible stench all the time. 

Here is the story. Tadashi and Kaori went for a holiday. Kaori refused to be kissed by Tadashi and complained that he had bad breath despite Tadashi already brushes his teeth. They had a row. Kaori went a little hysteria because of the stench from nowhere. Later, Tadashi discovered the death stench is come from fishes with metal walking machine on land. A shark with the walking machine attacked Tadashi and Kaori. They are safe and went back to where they come from. More and more walking sea creatures were on land and they are creating much chaos. The whole town is full of death stench and the number of people infected by the germ is increasing. Those infected people started to ‘produce’ those foul smell. Walking machine with no sea creatures as their moving sources started to use human as their fuel. Unfortunately for Kaori, she was infected and Tadashi is determined to help her. He took her to his uncle who is an inventor. 

Tadashi learned from his uncle that those smell is similar to decomposing corpse and walking machine is actually an invention during World War II. Those smells will be able to make enemy troops ill. Animals infected with the germ will died and the walking machine is created to bring death stench to enemy base. Enemy planes sank those ships with the prototypes. Underwater the prototypes use fishes as their fuel. They moves to land and attacked human. In the end, Tadashi and others who are immune to those germs decided to create vaccine to prevent the entire human race from being destroyed.

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