Shugo Chara! 01


“A Guardian Character is Born”

This anime exists a long time ago but I never bothered to watch it until today. I found it really funny and entertaining. Speaking of personality, I have some of this “tiny” little problem too. I am all shy and quiet but I want to be cool and talkative. I think the nickname “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” will be suitable for me. No, I am not evil, don’t misunderstand. LOL.   

Hinamori Amu looks all “cool and spicy” but she is actually shy and wants to show her true self. She prays so that she can be what she truly wants to be. She wakes up to find three eggs on her bed. As those eggs slowly break one by one, they are giving Amu some trouble. It’s kind of embarrassing when Ran, the first egg “born” in the middle of an assembly while Amu’s crush giving speech on stage and Amu “accidentally” confessed to him. 

Tsukiyomi Ikuto appears before Amu. This is because Amu runs away from the assembly and encounters Ikuto who wants to steal her “unborn” eggs. Amu managed to do character transformation, for a moment. Then she failed and fall from the sky. The king, Tadase Hotori saved her from Ikuto’s vicious attack. Ikuto disappeared in the end.

All in all, this anime leave a good impression on me. Let see what will happen in episode 2. Then I will add this to my watch list.

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