Shugo Chara! 02

“The Heart’s Egg”

Those Guardian characters are way too cute. I love Miki, the second Guardian Character. Miki is all cool and artistic. Hinamori Amu shows more shy character in this episode.  Miki, the blue egg was “born” in this episode. 

Hinamori Amu gets annoyed by those Guardian Characters and claims that they cause her trouble. Anyway, she decided to accept them. They are her hidden characters and her wish to change for the better. Fujisaki Nadeshiko offered Amu an invitation to be Seiyo Academy’s Guardian but immediately rejected by Amu. Her reason is that the royal cape doesn’t suit her fashion taste and she doesn’t want to wear it. LOL.

Then a sinister character appeared but his face is unknown. He manifested the birth of an X egg of a boy*I think so* while the boy is talking to Amu. X egg is created when a person is burdened with worries and doubt. Amu managed to do Character Transformation and turned the X egg to normal again. The boy is full of hope for his future again. Meanwhile the Guardians watched the whole incident. Hinamori Amu runs away, again. LOL.

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