Shiki Manga (しき; 屍鬼; Corpse Demon) By Ono Fuyumi (Author), Fujisaki Ryu (Artist)

Living Dead.
 Megumi who rises from dead is at the outside of Natsuno's house.
 Creepy Masao.
One of the werewolves.

Genre: Horror, Psychological, Mystery, Supernatural, Tragedy

If you tired of Twilight and Vampire Knight, you can consider read this manga. This manga is about corpses rise from dead and survive by feeding living people’s blood. These creatures have fangs, but they are called Shiki. However, shiki looks like vampire to me. I mean, both of these species drink blood to extend their lives. Not all people can become shiki, though. Some will just rot and die. 

The story is set at a far away village which is surrounded by mountains. Strange things start to happen when the abandoned mansion have a new owner settled in. Megumi is a flashy girl who hates the village and dreamed to live in city. She stalked Yuuki Natsuno and reminds me of Gasai Yuno, the psycho in Future Diary. Yuuki Natsuno hates Megumi who keeps on spy on him near his house. Masao is creepy and twisted. He is Tohru’s friend while Tohru and Natsuno are friends. Natsuno is quite antisocial and he also wants to leave this village. 

Then, the villagers start die one after another and turned into shiki. Other villagers thought there is an epidemic but things are getting worse as more and more villagers died and moved out of the village. Some people realize that this is not the cause of epidemic and they found out about the shiki. Then, they decided to work together and kill the shiki.

Conclusion: This manga kind of lost its focus in the end and wasted a good story. I finished it, anyway. I am tired of Megumi and Natsuno’s constant whining and complaining about how much they hate the village and want to leave. Okay, I’ll forgive them because they are still young. Natsuno died but he turned into werewolf which is different from shiki. Werewolves can walk under the sun during daytime and not burned to death. They don’t turn into werewolves and they are so rare. Some of the characters’ reasons do not make any sense. Megumi who turned into shiki killed Kaori’s dad just because she hates Kaori who is different from herself and not flashy. Then, Seishin the young priest of the village temple also hate this village and even willingly went to the shiki’s mansion and have his blood being sucked. The adults are being childish. Honestly, many characters pissed me off. It can’t be helped. Anyone will go insane after all those shiki killing operation and having all of your beloved family died. The villagers even killed the normal human like Seishin’s mother. I really enjoyed in the beginning of the story but get annoyed by those insane villagers at the end. Overall, this manga is nice.  

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