Mirai Nikki (未来日記, Future Diary) by Esuno Sakae

Phew, I finally finished this manga. I recommended this manga for those who like to read scary, horror, psychological and action manga. Mirai Nikki is about 2nd year middle school student, Amano Yukiteru who keeps a diary in his cell phone. He recorded everything he witnessed and has an imaginary friend, Deus Ex Machina, the Lord of Time and Space. 

Then, Deus Ex Machina started a game of horror. Amano Yukiteru’s diary started to show the events happen in the future. Yukiteru thinks it is fun and he is quick to abuse the new function of his cell phone, like avoid the misfortune. Then, Yukiteru discovered that there are other 11 dairy holders. Each of them has a diary with different functions. The Lord of Time and Space told them they need to kill other diary holders to become ‘God’. It means replace Him as the Lord because His time is running out. 

Terrified and desperate to survive, Yukiteru forced to team up with his psychotic stalker, Gasai Yuno. Gasai Yuno would do anything from killing to dying for him. Gasai Yuno kill people without hesitation, especially those who tried to harm Yukiteru. She is extremely obsessed with Yukiteru that she also keeps a diary of everything Yukiteru does every 10 minutes. Gasai Yuno is a dairy holder too. 

FYI: I need to warn you that the main character in this story, Amano Yukiteru is very annoying. He is cries every 2 pages and unfortunately for him, I don’t like boy who cry easily. People said that he is a weakling, coward and good-for-nothing (He, himself also admitted it.) *Yeah, face it!* Can you imagine a boy need a girl to protect him? (Even though, the girl is a crazed stalker.) Amano Yukiteru pissed me off till the end. 

I really liked Gasai Yuno. *Yeah, I know she is crazy* I wonder why I liked her in the first place. (I don’t like stalker, mind you.) I think this is the reason, she protects the weak, cry baby Yukiteru. However, I found her annoying in the end because she killed Akise Aru, a handsome detective and lied to Yukiteru about his loyal friends. As a result, Yukiteru killed all of his true friends who desperately tried to help him and tell him the truth that Gasai Yuno has been lying to him. This is the moment I found Yukiteru extremely annoying that I want to punch him. How could he kill his friends? You can’t think on your own, can you, Yukiteru? Geez, this is the first time I read a manga with a boy who always cries for no reason and can’t think on his own.

All in all, this manga is nice to read. Never mind if Amano Yukiteru cries too much or Gasai Yuno went too crazy in the end. 

Warning: This manga contents intense violence and blood scenes. It may be inappropriate for underage to 
read it. 

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