[TRAGEDY] Bradherley no Basha ブラッドハーレーの馬車 by SAMURA Hiroaki

Every year, little girl from orphanages will be chosen as "Paschal Lamb." They were sent to prison and serve as playthings. Those girls endured unimaginable tortures and humiliation before they died. Even if one of them manage to survive those days. A doctor will made sure they cannot walk out of that place alive.

Author's comment: It's not my favorite choice of reading, though.

My Wife is a High School Girl

The title of this anime is supposed to be My Husband is a High School Teacher. But that will disinterested many anime lovers. Most of the narrating is done by Asami the main character. Her husband is Ichimaru Kyousuke-sensei. This anime doesn’t have much comedy. If there are any words to describe it and that will be: common and predictable. It’s everything that you can expect from this anime. With lots of ‘interesting’ scenes*you know*, will gain attentions from certain viewers. It’s a common thing in anime, so nothing shocking.  

It’s mostly Asami’s dilemma about her secret marriage. She needs to keep this secret from everyone in her school. At the same time, she wants to show her love and devotion towards him. Just like any other romantic anime, there are always several love rivals surround the main characters.  In this case, Asami’s father and a female colleague of Kyousuke are in between Asami and Kyousuke. However, Asami’s father is intentionally preventing them from getting lovey dovey while Iwasaki-sensei didn’t know about their relationship. Anyway, it’s a happy ending. 

Note: There are some imagining scenes in this anime, you know, *cough**cough*.

Bleach 466

“Screaming Invader”

Renji didn’t kill Jackie in the battle. He won but he found he still couldn’t get out. Jackie told him that he needs to kill her so that he can get out. Yukio seems to spy on them because he started to erase the pocket dimension when he found out Jackie can’t win this fight. Renji refused to kill her and decided to force the way out with her. That’s so like him. Jackie tried to kill herself to get Renji out. Her death is unconfirmed yet. Meanwhile, Toshiro found out Yukio’s hideout. Yukio gets really annoying in here. He talks too much. From the conversation, it seems Yukio gets abandoned by his family. Of course, Yukio denied the fact immediately. Yukio is just like any other villains who keeps on monologue and get them killed. 

By the way, I don’t really like this arc. Those villains talked too much and boosted how the shinigami will lose when they go all out. *As if.*

Bleach 465

Bad Blood Exhaust”

Can I say this is a waste of a chapter? I couldn’t get much from it. Ikkaku is still in the fight with the teenage guy. Same goes with Renji and Jackie with dirty boot. The only good thing is that I found Renji gets cooler and much more awesome. Renji claims that he is being trained to fight Aizen for the past 17 months. That explains why he gets stronger. Is it only I find all the shinigami gets stronger or those fullbring guys are too weak? I don’t find the fight between them and the shinigami are impressive. They are just too weak. Did they get cocky just because they absorbed some of Ichigo’s power? Or this is one of Kubo’s tricks and there will be a twist? *Please don't disappoint me.*

Bleach 464

“Quiet Chamber, Noisy Heart”

Just when I was wondering where Yachiru went, she is just popping out from nowhere. Good, now that she is back, the thing will get livelier. Finally, Uryuu is back too. He is helping Ichigo to fight on Ginjo. Uryuu posted a question if those fullbring guys were the previous substitute shinigami, why soul society didn’t tell them in the first place if they are still alive. Ichigo didn’t really mind about Uryuu didn’t tell him earlier. Rukia is vulnerable towards cute stuffs, as expected. Byakuya fights Tsukishima and I hope the fight will be awesome. 

P/S: Fight please>.< I am getting bored now…

High School of the Dead 10

The Dead’s House Rules”

 Takashi and all of the survivors of the zombies’ vicious attack took refuge at Saya’s house. Saya realized that they are now stronger group with her parents’ underlings or, you called them, subordinates. However, Saya also understand that the adults treated them like ignorant kids. She held a meeting with others to decide whether wants to stay or leave. Then Saya’s father arrived at the house. He is, according to Saya, “the man who decides right and wrong by himself”. He is also the former lord of the Tokonosu and the current head of Takagi family. Saya’s father killed a former-friend zombie in front of everyone in the house yard. Everyone is shocked, of course. 

Just then, Kota caused some mess when he refused to hand over his weapons to the subordinates of the house. Those subordinates thought that Kota was selfish enough to keep those weapons since he is still a kid. They refused to believe a kid like him able to use the weapons as perfectly as them. Saya’s father, Takagi Souichirou questioned Kota. Gosh, he is scary. Kota is too scared (?) to answer him properly. Takagi and others came to Kota’s aid. Saya even told her father that is was due to Kota she is still alive.
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