High School of the Dead 10

The Dead’s House Rules”

 Takashi and all of the survivors of the zombies’ vicious attack took refuge at Saya’s house. Saya realized that they are now stronger group with her parents’ underlings or, you called them, subordinates. However, Saya also understand that the adults treated them like ignorant kids. She held a meeting with others to decide whether wants to stay or leave. Then Saya’s father arrived at the house. He is, according to Saya, “the man who decides right and wrong by himself”. He is also the former lord of the Tokonosu and the current head of Takagi family. Saya’s father killed a former-friend zombie in front of everyone in the house yard. Everyone is shocked, of course. 

Just then, Kota caused some mess when he refused to hand over his weapons to the subordinates of the house. Those subordinates thought that Kota was selfish enough to keep those weapons since he is still a kid. They refused to believe a kid like him able to use the weapons as perfectly as them. Saya’s father, Takagi Souichirou questioned Kota. Gosh, he is scary. Kota is too scared (?) to answer him properly. Takagi and others came to Kota’s aid. Saya even told her father that is was due to Kota she is still alive.

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