High School of the Dead 04

“Running in the Dead”

Urgh, did you see Shido’s face? He looks like a pervert more and more. What a creep. The hair on my neck stands as I heard he told those female students: “Daijo~~bu~~” when there’s gun shoot outside the bus. Yuck! I hope Saeko beat him up. Rei was right about “not going to be anywhere nears him”. 

Takashi and Rei reached a place and found themselves a gun from dead police officers. Then they are at an empty gas station to refill their bike. Another pervert appeared apparently. Or more accurately an insane perverted guy. The guy got hold of Rei when Takashi went into the gas station to get some cash to refill their gas. Takashi is, of course, enraged by the act of harassment towards Rei by that pervert. Later, Takashi used his gun and fired at that guy in a close range because he didn’t want to miss it since he never uses a gun before. They were making too much noise and already attracted those zombies. Serve him right that Takashi and Rei left him alone with zombies.

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