High School of the Dead 03

“Democracy under the Dead”

Saya concluded that it’s a pandemic where an epidemic of an infectious disease caused all of the chaos that is happening in the world. They decided it is best to move as a team. On the way to the parking lot, they met with several survivors. The occasional peaceful scenery with sakura tree made the anime feel like “how in the world is this bizarre thing happening without warning?”. Only good thing is that those zombies can’t see and they only respond to sound. 

They managed to get a bus. Others who survived also joined them. A sinister character appeared.  It’s hard to believe him as the teacher of that school. He blabbered on about how it’s survival of the fittest with a world now in emergency situation. He stamped hard on a male student’s face that sprained his ankle before him and left him to the mercy of a bunch of zombies.  Rei did warned Takashi not to save him and stated that he is going to regret for saving him. Now he started to say a capable leader is needed to cope with the situation. He is really annoying and bit of a dramatic. 

Rei was outraged when Shido is chose as the leader based on majority vote from unsuspected students and won’t stay at a place with Shido around. Then, Takashi and Rei got separated when they are arguing outside the bus.  Another bus full of zombies skied towards Takoshi and Rei and blocks the tunnel towards the town. Takashi and Rei were safe but they are inside the tunnel and unable return to the bus. Takashi told Saeko to meet at East Police Station. Later they run for their life as the bus exploded. They managed to get a bike to head for their destination.

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