High School of the Dead 02

“Escape From the Dead”

Rei is trying to contact her father but she lost the signal. Rei is worried about her dad who works as a police. Saya Takagi, the self-proclaimed genius and Kota Hirano, the machine gun freak paired up to fight against those zombies. Kota doesn’t look like it but he changes his personality fast and be really useful during the emergency. Saya decided it is useless to call the police and Self Defense Force because she doesn’t think they will be able to deal with the increasing number of invincible zombies. Meanwhile Shizuka Marikawa, the school nurse met Saeko Busujima who is the captain of the kendo club. Saeko done most of the fighting and was totally calm during the whole scenario. Shizuka is more like a relief for the whole episode. She didn’t do anything stupid but her girly and nonchalant personality made the atmosphere lighter. She is the type whom people will think she will be crying and scared to dead but she is the opposite instead. After all, all of these survivors gather and decided on a plan to escape from the school building.  Basically the whole world is in chaos where the number of dead is increasing.

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