Manhole (マンホール) Manga by Tsutsui Tetsuya

Genre: Horror, Seinan, Mystery

It’s better you read this manga without eating something. You’ll lose your appetite. The story is about a biological agent who is determined to clean out the useless “weed” from this world. It is started when a naked bald-headed man is found walking aimlessly on the road. He climbed out of a manhole with blood all over his foots. One of his eyes is being infected with something and his saliva, tears and nasal mucus are all over his face *I bet you’ll say “ewww”.*.  The man puke blood on a young man’s face who accidentally bumps into him. The horrified young man runs away from the scene after push away the naked man. The man’s head hit the tar road, he died. Then the police investigation started. They found the filaria that resides in one of the eyes of the dead man. The filaria feed on one segment of the brain and cause mankind loses their “desire”. An old detective, Ken Mizoguchi and a young companion, Nao Inoue investigate the whole mystery. They found out about the epidemic scheme of the dangerous biological agent. 

There isn’t that much twist in the plot of this manga.  The plot is kind of predictable. I made a mistake by reading this manga while eating my brunch. As a result, I lost my appetite. The art are realistic and, I found some scene, quite gore. Is it an epidemic with a purpose or a revenge on mankind? I will let you decide. The author didn’t explain well about the ending which confused me. Nevertheless the plot is a race against time.  
All in all this is a manga for your weekend reading.

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