My Wife is a High School Girl

The title of this anime is supposed to be My Husband is a High School Teacher. But that will disinterested many anime lovers. Most of the narrating is done by Asami the main character. Her husband is Ichimaru Kyousuke-sensei. This anime doesn’t have much comedy. If there are any words to describe it and that will be: common and predictable. It’s everything that you can expect from this anime. With lots of ‘interesting’ scenes*you know*, will gain attentions from certain viewers. It’s a common thing in anime, so nothing shocking.  

It’s mostly Asami’s dilemma about her secret marriage. She needs to keep this secret from everyone in her school. At the same time, she wants to show her love and devotion towards him. Just like any other romantic anime, there are always several love rivals surround the main characters.  In this case, Asami’s father and a female colleague of Kyousuke are in between Asami and Kyousuke. However, Asami’s father is intentionally preventing them from getting lovey dovey while Iwasaki-sensei didn’t know about their relationship. Anyway, it’s a happy ending. 

Note: There are some imagining scenes in this anime, you know, *cough**cough*.

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