Bleach 466

“Screaming Invader”

Renji didn’t kill Jackie in the battle. He won but he found he still couldn’t get out. Jackie told him that he needs to kill her so that he can get out. Yukio seems to spy on them because he started to erase the pocket dimension when he found out Jackie can’t win this fight. Renji refused to kill her and decided to force the way out with her. That’s so like him. Jackie tried to kill herself to get Renji out. Her death is unconfirmed yet. Meanwhile, Toshiro found out Yukio’s hideout. Yukio gets really annoying in here. He talks too much. From the conversation, it seems Yukio gets abandoned by his family. Of course, Yukio denied the fact immediately. Yukio is just like any other villains who keeps on monologue and get them killed. 

By the way, I don’t really like this arc. Those villains talked too much and boosted how the shinigami will lose when they go all out. *As if.*

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