Fullmetal Alchemist 02

[The First Day][Hajimari no Hi][はじまりの日]
Edward flashes back about his past. Edward and Alphonse talk about a heavenly stone, which is also called philosopher’s stone that destroyed Xerxes. He wants to get back his left leg and right arm and his brother’s body using the philosopher’s stone. Philosopher’s stone is an amplifier that can reinforce alchemy. However, the information that is written in the book is limited. Edward is agitated.
Again, the scene flashed back to ten years ago when Edward and Alphonse’s mother is still alive. Their mother caught them messing with their father’s study room. Edward retorted that he is not doodling on the floor when his mother accused him for doing so. He is actually learning alchemy. Then, he shows his mother by transmuting out a birdie from the floor. His mother is astonished. When she asked them whether they learn from their father, Alphonse said all those things are from the books. From here, it is obvious that the brothers are smart. Alchemy is not a child play and not everyone manage to learn it. The brothers thought they were not supposed to mess with alchemy. Instead, their mother praised them and that encouraged Edward and Alphonse to study more deeply into alchemy. 
Later, their mother passed away due to an epidemic. They were seen sitting in front of their mother’s grave. It’s getting cold but Edward doesn’t want to leave. Edward got angry when Alphonse mentioned about their father who doesn’t even appeared for their mother’s funeral. This is when Edward thought about revive their mother through alchemy even though the books said that transmuting human is not allowed and is a taboo. Edward told Alphonse to keep it a secret between them. Winry come look for them.
The Elric brothers are eating dinner at Winry’s house. Alphonse doesn’t have any trouble drinking milk. But Edward hates milk. Winry’s grandmother told him if he doesn’t drink milk, he’ll be a chibi (runt) forever. Edward pissed off and starts a quarrel with granny. They are really funny when they quarrel. Winry and Alphonse don’t bother them at all.
Edward explained that they researched alchemy and trained with their master in order to improve their alchemy skills. They were determined to revive their mother. It took many years to complete their research but they did it anyway. They are succeeding in construct the human transmutation formula. 
This is the fateful day when the Elric brothers are attempting to do human transmutation. Water, 35L; carbon, 20kg; Ammonia, 4L; Lime, 1.5Kg; Phosphorus, 800g; salt, 250g; Niter, 100g; Sulfur, 80g; Fluorine, 7.5g; Iron, 5g; Silicon, 3g; These are the things needed to create a average adult human. They write the construction formula and give a few drop of their blood as information for their mother’s soul. 
When they thought everything is going according to their plan. Something when wrong and they thought that is rebound. A huge eye appeared in the middle of the transmutation circle with some scary black wavy small hands floating around. Their body starts to break apart. Those small back hands rip them away. All of a sudden, Edward is in a wide white space with only a huge door behind him and an existence which people called God, World, Truth, Entirety, One and You. Then, Edward is thrown into the door where all information is shoved into his head. As a price for that information, his left leg has been taken as compensation by the existence.  
  The thing that they transmuted is not their mother. It is something that does not even look like their mother. Edward is ready to give up his body part to get his brother back. He affixed Alphonse’s soul on armor. This is why you shouldn’t play with taboo. Alphonse Elric is being taken by the TRUTH. Truth is something like the scary wavy black tiny hands as you can see in picture. They tried to revive their dearest mother but failed. Edward’s left leg is being taken, too. In the end, Edward manages to bind Alphonse soul on armor with the price of his right arm. 
Huge questioned Roy Mustang why he let Edward become an Alchemist because Edward is still a kid. Roy didn’t answer him. It is Roy’s flash back to 4 years ago. Roy mustang went to the Elric’s house and discovered what had happened. He was enraged on what they did. Obviously he knows what the circle is all about. He went and looks for them at Winry’s house. Edward’s eyes look so lifeless as if his soul is gone. It’s so sad to see them like that. The background music makes me want to cry. 

Roy Mustang came to them is because he heard a talented alchemist which he thought can become State Alchemist. He stated that there are possibilities for them to gain their body back by looking for the chance within. Even though the chances maybe quite small. Granny against the idea though. She had seen the thing they created and think alchemy is scary if it’s to create something horrible like that. However, the choice are up to them to choose whether they become a State Alchemist and seek the possibility inside, or they stay where they are and refuse to move forward. Riza Hawkeye doubt the Elric Brothers will come but Roy Mustang is confident that they’ll go and take the test to become alchemist. Yeah, he is right.
  Later, Edward took the surgery to get him automails and rehab. He took a year to do so. Now, he can practice fight with his brother. Edward discovered that he can perform transmutation by just clapping his hands together without using transmutation circle. Alphonse can’t do so though. Winry throw a spina at Edward because he transmuted his automail she made. Hey, hey, Winry, you want to kill Edward? He is the main character you know. Winry decided to support Edward until he gets his limbs back. Alphonse, we are thinking the same thing. LOLz. 
Edward took the test at the age of twelve years old. The Fuhrer president King Bradley came to see the test. Edward lied about his steel arm that he got it in civil war. The way Edward transmuting without a transmutation circle astonished many people. Edward attacked the Prsident Fuhrer and stating that they should change the system if they don’t want the President Fuhrer being assassinated during the test. However, President Fuhrer said Edward didn’t understand the size of the world. See that? Edward’s shear is broken into two. Edward is shocked that he didn’t see the President Fuhrer draw his sword out. Ha. Ha. Ha. 

Of course, Edward passed the test and he becomes a State Alchemist. He receives a silver pocket watch and a title called him “Fullmetal”. 
Meanwhile, Edward and Alphonse reached Lior. They are looking for some clue to get back their body at that place. 

This episode is almost the same as the previous Fullmetal Alchemist. It’s just they emphasis less on the details like last time because Brotherhood is based on the manga. They don’t want to bore us to hell.

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