Bleach 459

"Death & Strawberry 2"

Hooray!!!!! Ichigo finally has his shinigami power back. His shinigami form looks different and he looks stronger. I am so relieved that Ichigo’s back. I hope he can beat up Ginjo and Tsukishima.

When Ginjo stabbed Ichigo, I thought he is going to be seriously injured and sure bleed a lot. But Ginjo just took all of Ichigo’s fullbring and Ichigo doen’t seems bleed much though. Ginjo turns out as evil as Aizen. Everything is well planned. Ginjo even allows Tsukishima to cut him with his sword in the first place to make him Ichigo’s friend. I wondered whether Tsukishima also need to cut other people to make them come back to their sense. 

Rukia is back too which also make me felt so happy. Rukia had cut her hair shorter but you still can tell it’s her. She is the one who stabbed Ichigo after Ginjo’s attack and returned Ichigo’s shinigami power. I almost forgot that’s how Ichigo get his shinigami power in the beginning. Besides, Urahara and Ichigo’s dad also appeared.  

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