High School of the Dead 01

“Spring of the Dead”

Takashi Komuro was up at a building’s staircase and upsetting about the love of his life dumped him when he witnessed a dead looking stranger banging the gate of his school lifelessly. Some teachers came out to deal with the matter. The stranger bit a male teacher while he interrogated him. The teacher bleeds so much and dies on the spot. Other teachers were shocked for a moment and relieved when the teacher sprang into life again. Then, they are all turned horror-struck when the revived teacher starts to attacked them by biting.  

Takashi who saw the incident rushes into the class to drag Rei Miyamoto out from it. Rei and Hisashi Igo followed. Takashi told them what happened and they prepared weapons. Not for long, the whole school was in a chaotic situation as the amount of zombies increased. All zombies’ victims turned zombies as well. It seems like only a few of the students and teachers are remaining normal. Unfortunately, Hisashi was bitten by a zombie and he died afterwards. After a moment of painful mental struggling, Takashi killed the zombie-Hisashi despite pleas from grieve-stricken Rei. 

I haven’t read the manga. Horror and mature are the elements of this anime. I am totally clueless in the beginning when out of nowhere a zombie appeared and turned everyone they “seen” into zombie. The whole thing developed very fast. Rei said something horrible towards Takashi. Hey girl, you don’t need to be so rude. Hisashi won’t back to normal no matter how much you cried and pleaded.  

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