High School of the Dead 05

“Streets of the Dead” 

New characters appeared. They are the one doing the sniping at the airport to ensure flight can be carry on. One of them seems to be a friend of Shizuka. But then the annoying pervert Shido in the bus starts to flirt with the female student. Why can’t he just vanish? Saya is explaining to Kato how the world is going to deal with the current situation. Saya keeps on wishing Takashi is still there with her. Jealously, Kota asked Saya whether she likes Takashi. LOL. Abashed Saya just realize Saeko and Shizuka are watching and listening to their interesting conversation.

Takashi and Rei just met some insane people that are trying to kill them. They are going to Onbetsu Bridge. Yeah right, Shido continues to giving motivational speech on the bus, like that will be useful. My ears start to bleed, again, as if I haven’t had enough torture because of him. Those idiots on the bus actually believe the crap he said. LOL. Just look at the face of Saya when Saeko said that all she needs to hold on is her own life and her promise to Takashi. Saya, you are jealous, aren’t you?*smirk* And look at her face again when Kota said he will follow her to the end of the world. LOL.

Just as Shido continues with his b*llshit, Kota shot a nail towards him and purposely missed it. He scared the hell out of Shido. Serve him right. Then, Saeko, Saya, Shizuka and Kato got out from the bus and move forward on foot. They are having trouble with the increasing zombies and that’s when Takashi made their dramatic appearance. Rei proved to a skilled fighter. Together they cleared the area. They are going to spend their night in the house of Shizuka’s friend.

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