High School of the Dead 06

“In the Dead of the Night”  

So, Rei, Saeko, Shizuka and Saya were taking bath together. Whatever they are doing, just use your imagination if you haven’t watch the anime. Rei just love to harass those with big boobs. She doesn’t look like the type who likes to do that at all, mind you. Meanwhile, Takashi and Kota rummaged throughout the house to find some useful weapon to fight off zombies. Lucky them, they did found plenty of fire arms. They wondered what kind of Shizuka’s friend is. The authorities started to lose control over the situation and they lost communication towards their higher up. They were told to do whatever they can even if it means to sacrifice the citizens for greater good.  As the citizens creating more havoc than they should, the police officers resorted to use guns on them in the name of maintaining order.  

Shizuka went into the room where Takashi and Kota were with just a towel wrap on her body. She messed around the boys. It happened just as you can predict it. Rei blabbered about Hisashi in front of Takashi every time she gets the chance. Rei is trying to get Takashi’s attention and that he cares more about her.

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