Bleach 463

“Extreme Divider”

Riruka doesn’t look very happy when she got ichigo’s power, though. Ginjo’s comrades started to piss me off, especially the brat who likes video games. His power of “Digital Radial Invaders” is quite troublesome. Even though Ichigo strike down all of them in one strong blow, they managed to spring back into their original state without any injuries.  

Then, all of the captains and subordinates are separated into different dimensions along with their opponents. Of course, Ichigo are among one of them. Byakuya got Tsukishima (This will be interesting.); Hitsugaya got the video game brat; Ikkaku got the short-haired teenage guy; Kenpachi got the middle aged guy who can controls the time.

Well, the fight between Kenpachi and the time-tells-no-lies-guy is way too short. The moral of this lesson is that: “Don’t talk too much when you are having a battle with Kenpachi.” The time-tells-no-lies-guy talked too much, obviously. That’s why he lost in an instant. Boring. 

P/s: Uryuu is missing, say, for 5 chapters?

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