Bleach 462

“Why Me Sad”

Okay, so Ginjo is the first substitute shinigami. He even admitted it himself that he can survived those attacks all thanks to Ichigo’s power which he taken by force. I just don’t get it. Why Inoue need to cry every single chapter for Ichigo. No, I don’t hate her. But based on the comments below the manga, some people are obviously annoyed by her. Now, both Inoue and Chad appeared back in the manga, along with Urahara and Ichigo’s dad (I forgot his name). Appearance of Urahara and Ichigo’s dad never failed to crack me up. Both of these guys knock Inoue and Chad out. Yeah, they saved them from being tortured mentally by Tsukishima.  

I thought Ginjo’s comrades are being manipulated, but it turned up they also wanted Ichigo’s power. I regretted that I felt sorry for them in the previous chapter. Riruka didn’t want Ichigo’s power. Is it because she got a crash on Ichigo? LOL, GIRLs. There they go; all of Ginjo’s comrades have a share of Ichigo’s power.

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