High School of the Dead 09

“The Sword and Dead”

Takashi and Saeko use a vehicle which also can be use on water. I called it vehicle because I don’t know I can call it a bike or not, never mind. Takashi tested it by driving it straight into the water and causing Saeko’s clothes wet. They have to wait until all zombies move away from the river bank before they proceed. Takashi uses the vehicle to create much din at a park to distract the zombies so that they can head toward Saya’s house. Saeko fought fiercely but stopped when children zombies advanced on her. After they hid inside a temple, Saeko told Takashi the reason behind it. A few years ago, Saeko was attacked. She pretended to be weak but she had the wooden sword on her. She fought back and broke the shoulder blade and femur of that guy. Despite being scared, she enjoyed it. And it’s getting worse after the zombies appeared. Saeko never confessed to her crush because she thinks she doesn’t have the sincere heart a normal girl has and doesn’t deserve it. Takashi comforted her.

Wait, why does Takashi need to squeeze her breast while hugging and “talking” to Saeko? And what’s with the “I’m wet” by Saeko after motivated enough and slaughter all of the zombies happily? Takashi, do you need to hit on every single female you meet? Some anime always have this patent with a male hitting on all of other female characters. It only makes it looks like Takashi is the only male alive on earth who can save the day. Anyway, they succeed in arrived at Saya’s house safely. LOL. Saya doesn’t look too happy with Takashi rest arm on Saeko, though.

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