High School of the Dead 08

“The Dead Way Home”  

They are crossing the river using the vehicle to get to the other side of the town. The little girl’s name is Alice Maresato. They finally reached the river bank. While the girls changing their attires, Kota is trying to be pervert again but not approved by Takashi who doesn’t want to be beat to dead by those girls. Those girls’ clothes are awesome. Isn’t it looking like school uniform? Okay Kota, quit your imagination…

Then they went to Saya’s house because it’s the nearest. They are having some trouble with zombies. Rei got flung off from the top of the humvee. Takashi learned fast to use the gun to kill zombies and save Rei.  Unfortunately, that seems like a dead end for them and they are unable to do anything. They have tried everything and their fire arms are running out. Kota tried to persuade Alice to go over the wire and wait for them. Alice cried because Kota’s face is exactly the same like the time her father is going to die. She knew it’s an empty promise.  

Then out of nowhere their rescuers came. Their rescuers turned out to be Saya’s mother. Takashi and Saeko can’t go through those zombies to gather with Rei and the others. So they will have to take a detour to Saya’s house.

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