Bleach 458

"End of All Bonds"
No!!!!! I hope Ichigo didn’t die. (Of course, he is the main character, isn’t he?) I knew it from the beginning that the story will end up with some unexpected twist. That’s Kubo for you. I have been following Bleach manga for quite some time and knew about Kubo’s style in twisting stories. I just love it. But I still don’t understand whether Tsukishima or Ginjo giving out the order? It seems like they are accomplices. Yeah, Ishida did come and revealed that Ginjo is the one that attacked him. Somehow, I am not surprised. I WILL be very surprised if Ginjo didn’t turn out as a bad guy. OMG, Ginjo sure looks evil in the picture above. I hope other people can come back to their senses. I wondered whether Urahara and Ichigo’s dad will do something about it. They appeared to have something up their sleeves.   

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