Bleach 457

"End of the Bonds"BERA3P7A37K4
Tsukishima affected all of Ichigo’s friends and family and cause them to side with Tsukishima instead of Ichigo. All of their memories of Ichigo are being replaced with Tsukishima’s. Tsukishima’s fullbring are still unclear, for me, at least. It’s quite annoying to see all them side with the bad guy, Tsukishima. Ichigo is outraged about this and become uncontrollable. With Ginjo at Ichigo’s side, Ginjo tried to prevent Ichigo from Tsukishima’s fullbrings attack. Ginjo are forced to fight all of his friends. It’s a very unfair fight between Ginjo and his friends. Tsukishima seems unbeatable with Inoue at his side. Inoue heals him and Chad is at his side too. Of course Ichigo is unwilling to fight his friends. Tsukishima wants to end the fight. Ginjo saved ichigo by blocking the attack from Tsukishima. Whether Ginjo is died, we have to wait for the next issue. I hope they return Ichigo’s shinigami power. I think Ishida will appear in the next issue and save Ichigo. Tsukishima seems so strong with his fullbrings. I wonder why Tsukishima wants to kill Ichigo (I guess).  

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