Naruto Shippuden 219

“Kakashi Hatake, the Hokage”
The workmen are having many troubles trying to crave the face of Hokage as the hokage keeps on changing. Kakashi is seen taking a member of Akatsuki to be interrogated. I found that red haired girl is quite annoying. Naruto said he’ll be the one who kill Sasake. I don’t really understand why the author wants to set Naruto and Sasuke to fight and kill each others. Many other people also have the ability to kill Sasuke. Well, I guess if it’s others who killed him, then the story can’t go on. Never mind if Sasuke is dead, he is getting on my nerves as the story develops. Naruto, you can’t just let Sasuke go, huh? It’s pretty stupid to think he’s still your friend while he won’t listen to you. As expected, Naruto keeps everything to himself and he only will tell his friends “when the time comes”.

It's kind of relieved to see some comedy later as Guy Sensei challenged Kakashi Sensei to a contest. Instead of “Rock, Paper, Scissor” competition, they race. It’s so hilarious to see them running as fast as lightning. Kakashi plays dirty by picking up some junk before the contest and throw them towards Guy during the competition. As always, Kakashi is the winner. No, Guy, you can never beat Kakashi. I would be very surprised if Kakashi lose. Then, Kakashi is dragged to measure his face shape by the workers. He will have to remove his mask but unfortunately they didn’t show Kakashi’s real face. They sure know how to make us curious by hiding Kakashi’s face. Then, we can see that Tsunade finally gain consciousness and she is been reinstated as the Hokage.      

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