Bleach 461

“Come Around Our Turn”

Huh? So Ginjo is the first substitute shinigami. If that’s the case, Ginjo must have done some crime that cause the soul society to react so aggressively when they learnt about Rukia made Ichigo a substitute shinigami. But then, I have no doubt that Ginjo won’t be taken down that easily. Villains always have something up their sleeves. 

Ichigo has done a great job in changing old man Yamamoto. Now he willingly gave order so that everyone gave reiatsu to Ichigo. The act is originally forbidden by the law of soul society. Old man wants to repay Ichigo’s good deed apparently. So, Ichigo just hurry and beat Ginjo up! In the meantime, I wonder where Tsukishima, Inoue, Chad and others are doing.   

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