Beelzebub 03

 [Are there Any Strong, Ruthless Bastard Around?][Tsuyokute kyōbōna yarō imasen ka?][強くて凶暴なヤロー いませんか?]

  Oga Tatsumi is “reminded” by Hilda-san by using high-heels. Hilda-san is telling him to remember to feed Baby Beel on time. Ouch, that must be hurt….>.<
Hilda-san (Seriously): This is 3 portion worth. Don’t forget about it.
Oga (snorted): Hmph! Milk those udders of yours?
Bang!! One high-heel stuck on Oga’s head…..
Hilda-san (annoyed): It is powdered milk for royalty.
Oga (Looking for trouble again): Hmph! So your boobs are all dried up?
Bang!! Another one high-heel stuck on Oga’s head…. I was like o.Olll 
  But, Oga lost that milk on his way to school. He is with Furuichi at the roof of the school building. Oga is desperately looking for the milk inside his bag. Without warning, Bathym de Alaindelon appeared. Furuichi told Oga about his “bizarre” story how Alaindelon living with him now. Here is the case.
(At Furuichi’s home)
Furuichi (panicked): Hold on a minute (Chotto matte!), you showed up out of the blue and what you mean by “so you see”?!
Alaindelon (shy): Even after all that you did, you are still…. (Leaving the words hanging and red-faced)o.Olll
Father, mother and sister (pale-faced and totally shocked): You did (Annokoto)?! Did that (Konnakoto)?! Did what (Sonnakoto)?! (Respectively)
Furuichi (Going crazy): That’s not it!!!DX (Yelling at the top of his voice)
Alaindelon (Red-faced): I felt it the other day when you were inside of me.
  Actually Alaindelon means that day when he transfers Furuichi to where Oga is, so stop imagine something else*cough!*……… It’s funny to see Furuichi’s family’s expression. All of them look like they are going to die. That still haven’t end yet, Alaindelon is making the matter worse, because he said: You are a man with a hot, burning passion! Yes!
  Well, you can imagine what’s going to happen next. Furuichi’s family definitely not going to let Furuichi got away easily. 
  Of course, Oga is not listening to what Furuichi Takayuki said. He is looking for the milk. Baby Beel is going to “explode” soon. What Alaindelon do next is totally disgusting*yuck*. Can you imagine a muscled guy does THAT?   
  Oga never gives up on looking for people who is stronger and evil than him. He got in a fight with Kanzaki, a feared 3rd year delinquent. As usual, Oga Tatsumi won. Oga is super strong. Don’t worry, that Kanzaki guy didn’t die. This is a comedy anime after all. Normal people won’t survive after the fall…

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