Lucky Star 15

Konata plays computer games for three nights continuously and that why she looks like zombie. I think many people have this habit. Sometimes, I went to bed when it’s time for other people to wake up*^_^lll*. My mum hates it when I do that. She said I am wasting the electricity*sigh* 
Tsukasa didn’t stay up late. She just sleeps too much and only wakes up at noon. No wonder Kagami is pissed off by their bad sleeping habit. 
I wondered, is there anyone sleep at 11pm? Maybe there are, but not me*^_^* I am more like, you can say, an owl. Recently, I was forced to sleep as early as 11pm, otherwise I’ll be killed the next day by my mum*=.=”* p/s: I am not a kid anymore...

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