Lucky Star 01

  Konata can run very fast. Somehow she reminds me of Suzumiya Haruhi.  Tsukasa suggested she should join sport club. She said that if she joined the club, she will not be able to watch her favorite anime. 

  Later, we can see that Konata is eating Chocolate Cornet, as they call it. At first, I thought it look like sea shell. There is a snapshot of the cornet. What it looks like, it depends on our wild imagination. I am thinking of something funny. Konata, I think the thick side is the head of cornet. However, I don’t think that THING look anything like caterpillar. If you watch this anime, you will get what I mean. Here comes Miyuki when Konata having “trouble” eating the chocolate cornet. They talked for a long time about how to eat certain food and so on. 

  Then, Konata and Tsukasa appear to walking with Kagami. Kagami talk about how the case where people are being imprisoned happens frequently. I am very “impressed” about how Konata think. GALgame and Hgame, huh? Konata, who brought you those game, huh? Smells fishy here. 

  Konata and Tsukasa are with Miyuki again. Since Miyuki is such a klutz, Konata is having her imagination running wild again. Yeah, I know what she thinks. What else can a typical Konata think? She said that those are the requirement of being MOE. 

  Oh no, Kagami is sick. Konata said she won’t get sick because she is a BAKA. *speechless* The difference between flu and influenza? I don’t have much confidence about this too. Luckily, Miyuki explain it to me. Thank you, Miyuki. They went to visit Kagami. Konata just want to borrow Kagami’s homework. Oh, really….. 

  Next, we will know that Konata is extremely addicted to game and have zero social with surroundings friends. The way Konata speak is really straight forward. Kagami often annoyed by her. 

p/s: Lucky Channel kind of annoyed me.

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