Lucky Star 02

  Konata just loves to do her holiday homework last minutes. Same like me. She really is an expert at pulling all-nighter. She often asks help from Kagami. It seems like Kagami just lend Konata her own homework. Of course Kagami did told her to do by herself. Konata just turned a deaf ear. 

  Konata is indeed a lucky star. It is obvious when they play the UFO Catcher. Konata always can get what she wants and wins at every games she plays. 

  Can’t believe Konata use May’s sickness as an excuse to absent from school…. She just loves to study last minutes and even survived in the exams. I can tell that she’s really smart because her mark is only 2 marks less than Kagami in a subject. No wonder, Kagami get pissed. *laughing*

  I don’t know what kind face did Konata made that cause them to laughing non-stop. I want to see too. For Kagami, she thinks it is impossible for Konata to work. Konata’s working place later reviewed to be Cosplay Cafeteria. This suits her very well.

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