Lucky Star 07

  Shocked, right? My jaw almost drops down when I see this. It’s so hard to connect Konata with this new image. But I think they can create a new character with the new Konata. I kind of like it. But if Konata is like this in Lucky Star, the whole series will going to be boring as hell.
  Konata just love to tease Kagami. Poor Kagami often felt embarrassed whenever Konata is teasing her. I found out Konata just love to tease Kagami only. Konata always can find something to make fun of Kagami.

  My conclusion for this episode is very funny. I just couldn’t stand the way Konata change her voice and expression. It’s so hilarious. I wondered whether it’s the same voice actress who does this.

P/s: Lucky channel in this episode is a bit different. The opening is not started with the annoying act-cute voice of double-personality Akira.

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