Beelzebub 01

 [I Picked up a Demon King][Maō hiroimashita][魔王拾いました]

  When I saw this baby for the first time, I am thinking: “what…” Then, in my mind, I don’t think I will like this anime. I am not used to the idea of a baby being naked all the time and there will going to be a flood if he pees. I mean, his huge amount of urine creates the flood. 

  Then, after I watched for a few minutes, I started to like Beelzebub. I described Beelzebub using one word, funny. I thought this green haired baby is just like any ordinary baby. But he let out huge amount of electricity that will kill any ordinary man (in fact, no one get killed in Beelzebub, at least they fainted but not Oga). This baby is the Demon Lord. It’s bad luck for Oga to pick him up. By the way, Oga is a notorious delinquent. 

  Oga did tried to scare him away but failed miserably. You should have seen what kind of face Oga made to scare him away. It’s so funny, in some point, unbelievable. No any human being can make that face, I swear. Pity him and Furuichi when the baby get upset and “electrified” them. Furuichi looks a bit like Zero in Vampire Knight. Their hair colors are alike. Besides, the big guy made me think of General Alex Louis Armstrong in Fullmetal Alchemist. However, the two of them in Beelzebub are of different characters and are in an exaggerated story plot. The big guy split in half, trust me, he really split up symmetrically. He is dimensional transference demon, Alaindelon. Oh, I forgot to mention, the cute music made the whole things even funnier. If not, lighten up your mood.           

  The people in this snapshot here are Oga, Baby Beelzebub, Furuichi and demon Hildegrade. Hilda-san told them that Baby Beelzebub come to human world to destroy human and that he need a human vessel to release his power. Oga has been chosen as the human vessel and as Demon’s father. 

  Almost at the end of the first episode, it seems like Baby Beelzebub really attached to Oga. He cries and “electrified” all people when one drop of Oga’s blood dropped onto his face. Honestly, in the end, I think Baby Beel is kind of cute and Oga looks kind of cool. I know he is a bit of an idiot, but he is really funny. It would be better if Baby Beel wears clothes.

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