Lucky Star 08

  Konata’s father is very interesting. I thought he is the typical anime dad who is crazy about everything about his daughter. From most of the anime I watched, there are a lot of this type of father. The characteristic of the father will be hilarious and always do funny things, but they actually care about his children. Since Lucky Star is concentrated around Konata, fewer stories are focused on her father. In fact, her father’s character is not that exaggerated like other anime. It seems like Konata is used to her father’s action and often predicted it right. 
  As usual, teasing Kagami is Konata’s favorite part time hobby. Konata can guess everything Kagami thinks. This is the thing which pissed Kagami so much that she wondered out loud: “You really want to pick a fight with me?” I laughed almost every time when Konata make fun of Kagami. Konata just love to say something weird out of the blue. The way Konata talks seem like a middle-aged ojii-san who plays too many games. But Konata is cute.
  If I was given a chance, I would like to crack up Konata’s brain to see how her brain works. Her ways of thinking and information processing really impressed me. She can relate everything she saw with games thingy. She wins in running competition with imagination in which she combined reality with fantasy. However, Konata makes mistake even though she looks cool most of the time. This is something I hardly can saw in other anime cool characters. They will remain cool and always does things right.

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