Shangri-la 01

 [Returned Girl][Shōjo Kikan][少女帰還]

   Hojo Kuniko is the future leader of metal-age even though she didn’t admit it. I am not sure about metal-age because I watch this anime episode per episode. I write this review after I finished 1 episode. I don’t think I can remember those specific scenes after finish the whole series. Besides, the feeling before you know all of it is different when you know everything about the stories. 

  So, Hojo Kuniko is released out from a place called Atlas. I don’t know the reason why she’s been held at there. Kuniko was in that place for 2 years if not mistaken. That place looks kind of like jail of some sort. By the way, Kuniko didn’t get tortured or hurt inside there. Those other girls all seem to support Kuniko and liked her very much. They cheered for her when she’s been released. 
  Momoka-san is the one who wears hat. Mikko is beside her. Momoko-san is the person who looks after Kuniko since she is small. When Momoko-san speaks, she sounds like a man. But she has big breast, so I think she is a woman with man’s voice. Momoko-san has a whip-like weapon while Kuniko has a boomerang as a weapon. Kuniko’s weapon can cut through metal. 

  Kuniko’s world is a place where there’s an organization charge a country for its carbon dioxide emission. All the modern age buildings is covered with trees and wild plants. They seem to be abandoned. Of course, there’s always had bad guys, but I don’t know the details yet. 
 Then, Kuniko got into a fight with military. No, she didn’t get hurt. She made a dramatic entrance. I found it funny when Momoko-san fight in a different ways and all those men from military are afraid of her. Kuniko’s weapon hit with Major Kusanagi’s sword and produce a high pitched sound. Later something black falls from the sky and destroy everything it hits, including the helicopters form military.
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