Lucky Star 09

  Again, Konata couldn’t concentrate on her revision before exam. She is playing games for a while to release stress. Unfortunately, her teacher is her game friend. She lectured Konata. Konata calls Miyuki for help. Konata misunderstood Miyuki’s advice. Miyuki’s advice is not suitable for Konata. (I knew it).

  It seems like Japanese care about what type of blood they have. I remembered I read in newspaper that some Japanese employer only employ people with certain blood group. I am not sure whether they still do it. But news is just news; I haven’t seen it with my own eyes so I don’t believe that they do it. Yeah, this is what Konata and her friends discussed about. Konata has the same blood group like me, blood group A. But other people usually think Konata is blood group B. I don’t know about personality of each blood group but I’ll do some research when I have free time. 
  If you watch carefully, you can see Konata already stand beside Kagami and Tsukasa the whole time. Konata heard everything Kagami complaints about her being late. Out of topic but I like Konata’s hat. I made in my mind I’ll buy it if I see one next time. Konata just don’t care about rules. She wants to buy children ticket and ask Kagami and Tsukasa pretend to be her sister. I wondered whether Kagami allow it or not. 

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