Lucky Star 10

 After I watched Konata play many type of video games in this anime, I have the strong urge to buy all those games and play my heart out. Konata made video games sounds really interesting and exciting. In my normal life, I don’t play games because I don’t want to get addicted. I wondered where Konata get money to buy all those games. As far as I know, those games are not cheap. In this episode, Konata said her father is a writer (maybe her father is famous). If I want to play all those games, I need money! But where on earth can I have that much money to have all of it. Well, in THIS reality world, it is impossible to have a few thousands drop from the sky for you. Even if I work till me dead, I won’t have enough money for this “expensive” entertainment. I need to pay for my living expenses and other needy. Not unless I hit a jackpot or accidentally get really famous by writing blog and earn big from it. Yeah, in my dream! All this lucky things never happened in my life. My life is too normal for anything big. As they said life goes on, I’ll do my best to get what I want. Cheers!
 Okay, back to topic, I didn’t know that Konata can cook. This fact makes me felt a bit shame because I can’t cook. But, look! Konata looks like she is video games addict but she actually can cook. I seriously need to learn to cook during my leisure time other than sit around do nothing if I don’t want to get fat. It feels really different for Kagami and Tsukasa to change their hairstyle. I am not used to it. They look okay with the new hairstyle but I still like the old one. 
 First, I thought the girl inside the photo is Konata. But it is impossible for Konata to look so “kind” (I don’t mean any harm to Konata). She is actually Konata’s mother. Finally, I have waited for a long time to see Konata’s mother. It seems like Konata’s mother didn’t stay at home and rarely make her appearance. She really looks like Konata, except she doesn’t have the mole under her left eyes.
  It gets really funny here. Just all of a sudden, they talk about their nicknames. What I have been wondering for a long time, why Kagami and Tsukasa don’t have a nickname. Kagami just jokingly told Konata to call her Kagami-sama (-sama is a honorific used mainly to refer to people much higher in rank than oneself). Konata really called her like that for twice and make Kagami really desperate. This is because Konata called her in public and made everyone stare at them. Konata, you just want to make fun of Kagami huh? I understand. 

P/S: Again, I really don’t like Lucky Channel, especially Akira. Somehow, she offended me in some way. 

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