Lucky Star 11

Want to know what the difference between Konata and Kagami? Read the conversation below:
Miyuki: How much time did you spend for your revision?
(At the same time)
Konata: Four hours long!!!(*happy*XDXD)
Kagami: Only four hours…..
Then, Konata and Kagami: Eh? (*both speechless*)
  So, since when you don’t believe Santa Claus exists? I guess all of you who read this post already know Santa Claus’s original story. Well, Konata is a different case. Konata never questioned about the existence of Santa Claus until Tsukasa ask her. This is totally unbelievable. She actually believe Santa Claus exist somewhere on the earth (Well, it is.). Later Konata revealed that Santa Claus never goes to her house and that’s why her father replace Santa Claus’s job to give her present. I was like TT.TT…. 
  Sometimes it’s not a good thing for you to the truth too early, your dreams will just “pop” and vanish. Same case with Miyuki, she found out more about Santa Claus when she is still a child and her dream just vanished like the air bubble (“pop!”).

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