Beelzebub 02

[I Became a Gang Leader with a Child][Kodure banchou Hajimemashita][子連れ番長 はじめました]

  When Baby Beel, the Demon Lord throws a tantrum, Oga Tatsumi will be the victim. Luckily, he didn’t die^^. What a relief! He will be a dead meat if Baby Beel is more than 15meters away from him. 
Oga Tatsumi is scary, isn’t he? But Baby Beel loves it (“Da!” said Baby Beel).  Baby Beel like everything that no other ordinary children will like. Baby Beel like ugly, horrible looking toys.
  So, this is Baby Beel’s father, the Great Demon Lord. But he never shows his face. I wanted so much to see his face. Is his face scary, handsome or normal? 
   I have seen this school ground keeper before, but I never thought that he is the principal of this school. This anime is really full of surprise and unexpected things. it’s so good to see Oga Tatsumi beat up all those delinquents. 


junwei said...

@Haruhima thank you for the visit etc !

Inugami Zamura said...

Bhahaha..I read beelzebub manga only..
That man with strawhat do looks like Luffy in One Piece manga ^^
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Haruhime said...

XD it does look the same~

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