Lucky Star 12

  Konata wants to invite Miyuki to Comic Market but actually she wants Miyuki to help her “hunt” for comics. Kagami was cheated before and she warns Miyuki. Lucky for Miyuki, she couldn’t go with Konata. The event is really tiresome for normal people but not for Konata. “You mean she’s not normal.” “Yeah, in some way…”
  Wait, Kagami, what are you reading at? Well, I was like “…” when I saw the cover of the comic book. Kagami, didn’t you said you will only read a bit of it*==”*? Right now, Kagami is at Comic Market help Konata buy comics. She saw this comic book when Kagami walks around. Luckily Konata is not around Kagami, Konata will definitely make fun of her. She will get even for embarrassed. Haha. “XD” Pity Tsukasa, she’s so tired. She got lost for a long time. Kagami and Tsukasa are so tired when they met up with Konata. Konata sure have lots of energy. She doesn’t seem tired at all.
  Then, Kagami and Tsukasa have event at their house during night time. I guess their house is in charge of a temple and they need to help their family. It’s the day before New Year. People will go to temple and pray. Konata and her father go to there too. Unfortunately for Konata, what she got isn’t good. No wonder Konata is so down.   

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