Lucky Star 13

  Kagami is gaining weight again. She eats too much during New Year. Eventhough she help a lot during that period, her weight is still going up unavoidably. Konata catches this chance and is making fun of Kagami. It’s so funny that I laugh every time I watch this scene.

“Miko (Shrine Maiden), okashi (snacks), miko, okashi, okashi, okashi, miko, okashi.” “Heh…*evil grin*”  XD Haha.
  This is Konata’s imagination. That day is Valentine’s Day, Tsukasa and Kagami give Konata Chocolates. Kagami is not very good in cooking compared to Tsukasa. Konata, who literally lives in game’s world, imagined Kagami to be “moe”. Yeah, this is a scene we can watch in other anime characters that have the same personality like Kagami. Haha, Kagami just don’t get it.XD

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